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Our product range includes a wide range of ancillary products. These include many proven and valuable pieces of equipment and consumables which partner our cleaning materials to help deliver the standards of cleaning and food safety that are required by the modern food business.

Cleaning aids: wipers, scourers, brushes, squeegees, buckets, refuse, sacks, wheelie bin liners, paper products (including: centre feed rolls, hand towels, toilet rolls and associated dispensers) Personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves, eye protection, disposable coveralls, disposable inspection coats, respirators, wellingtons, disposable gloves, disposable sleeves, aprons, over shoes, mob caps.

Chemical Dispensers: We supply a very wide range of chemical dispensers suitable for all your applications. These range from simple, hand operated, drum mounted dispensers to state of the art programmable dispensers which feed the right amount of chemical at the correct part of your cleaning process.

Cleaning Systems: Bactrol can supply the correct application equipment to help ensure your cleaning and disinfecting is performed with the optimum efficiency. Pumped water cleaning systems can be designed and installed by one of our partners

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