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Bar, Cellar, Housekeeping & Laundry

With the ever present concern over the spread of infectious diseases, through glasses and other re-usable items used in service provision, the need for hygiene has never been more important. Bactrol can assist you to keep control over food safety in in your bar, cellar, housekeeping and laundry operations. Whatever the task Bactrol has the right product to help you keep on top of food safety and hygiene. Our catering products are backed by a range of back up services which have been assisting our customers to cost effectively maintain food safety for many years

Bar & Cellar: Glass wash rinse aid and detergent, low temperature glass washer detergent, manual glass wash detergent, optic cleaner, beer line cleaners, glass renovator, glass cleaners, wood polish, metal polish.

Housekeeping: Hard surface cleaners, polishes, air fresheners, bactericidal cleaners, carpet care, glass and mirror cleaners, toilet cleaners, mould cleaners.

Laundry: Biological and non-biological detergents, laundry detainers, bleaches, fabric softeners.

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