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Back up service is an important part of the Bactrol package. We aim to deliver services that assist our customers to control and validate their cleaning and disinfection programmes thereby helping to ensure that food safety and plant hygiene are being maintained at adequate levels. Our level of service is agreed with each customer and is tailored to suit their individual requirements. The following are examples of the services available to our customers.

Thermometer testing

The use of thermometers is becoming increasing important in the control of food hygiene. In addition to supplying thermometers and a range of temperature logging equipment, using its range calibrated thermometers Bactrol can perform checks on your existing thermometers to ensure that they are giving true readings.

Microbiological testing

Bactrol can design and implement microbiological testing programmes to verify that adequate cleaning and disinfection is being achieved on critical pieces of equipment. Such programmes are of great value wherever food is handled or prepared – from large food factories to restaurant kitchens. Written reports are provided.

Hygiene audits

Hygiene audits often form an essential part of a food businesses management of hygiene and provide valuable information which confirms that hygiene policies are being properly implemented. Such audits can also be very useful in helping to demonstrate ‘due diligence.’ Bactrol can carry out hygiene audits on its customers’ operations and these can often supplement an organisation’s existing audit programme and provide an additional dimension by having an ‘independent’ third party check over the hygiene provisions. Written reports are provided.

Supplier Audits

All food businesses rely upon their suppliers to provide clean, hygienic ingredients without which a hygienic finished product could not be made. It may not be possible or practical to adequately check the ingredients when they are received and it may be desirable to inspect the supplier’s premises and procedures in order to give the level of confidence in their ingredients, demanded by law and customers. Bactrol can undertake such audits on behalf of its customers. Written reports are provided.

Hazard Analysis

The law requires that all food businesses carry out a analysis of hazards encountered in its food operations. Bactrol is in a position to help those engaged in food related operations to carry out hazard analysis at a level appropriate to their business.

Cleaning Schedules

Bactrol can produce bespoke cleaning schedules which clearly provide all the information necessary to help operatives to carry out their cleaning duties safely and effectively. In addition, procedures for checking and monitoring cleaning standards can be developed and implemented.

Testing and inspection of commercial washers (Dish, pan, equipment, tray, keg washers etc.)

The performance of washing equipment can often have an important impact on food hygiene so equipment must be maintained in proper working order. Even when washware appears visibly clean, where appropriate, it should be checked to ensure that adequate disinfection is being achieved. Bactrol can perform a range of tests to ensure that all aspects of the machine are producing the desired results. Written reports are provided.

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